10 Tips to Be Funnier on Twitter

You may be the kind of person that uses Twitter as a communication platform and nothing else. This feature is not for you. Instead, we’ve pulled together these tips for those that want more exposure, increased retweets and a chance of going viral.

Why would you want to be funny on Twitter? Well, above anything else, if you have the above goals in mind, you may well have noticed that the internet tends to react better to humour than anything else. Entire websites have sprung up around memes, so that tells you all you need to know about at least some of your potential audience! There’s also the fact that laughter is among the few genuine reactions to a Tweet, and if you can convince your audience to laugh, you stand a good chance of a retweet as they tell all their followers just how funny they found it. Of course, you might be a funny person, with no specific goals in mind. That’s fine too, and the following tips will aid you in unleashing your comedic social media potential.

1. Get Involved with Funny People

Twitter doesn’t work in a way that makes you feel like they designed it to increase the sense of community online, but there is no getting away from the fact that plenty such communities have sprung up over the years. We’ve mentioned the importance of networking many times, and sharing inspiration with like-minded people will instantly give you a leg up on the competition.

2. Tweet Your Experiences

If you see something funny as you go about your day, or experience something so ridiculous that it is bound to make others laugh, it can be the perfect basis for a Tweet. Twitter is massive, so if you can Tweet about something that nobody would dare think had ever happened before, you stand all the more chance at gaining traction.

3. Include Twists that Shyamalan Would Be Proud Of

You may have noticed that while there’s a strict character limit on Twitter, some of the most viral humour posts consist of chains of replies as the story unfolds. If you can put together one of these longer Tweet chains, you’ll receive even more engagement, especially if you can hook people with a twist. If nothing else, they’ll follow you to see how the story plays out.

4. Get Your Delivery Right

Among the worst things you can do if you want to grow your following is to neglect the opportunity to think before you Tweet. Not everything funny to you will have the same effect on the general public, and timing is just as much of a skill as humour. If you have any doubts at all about a post, save it for later to give yourself time to think about it. Once it’s Tweeted, there’s no going back. You can delete the Tweet, but if you have a substantial following, someone will screencap it.

5. Thicken Your Skin

If your brand of humour involves sailing close to the wind or even downright offending some sections of the online audience, then you need to be prepared to take it as well as give it. If you don’t feel like this is possible, then it might be time for a change in approach.

6. Turn Yourself Up to Eleven

We’re after the benefits that can come with upping your humour levels on Twitter, but you need to remember to be yourself. If you want to become a comedian, we have other features here on the site that can get that done. Here, we’re still talking about business and personal accounts. As funny as you might be, you still need to let your personality shine through.

7. If You Don’t Want to Be Yourself, Play a Character

If you feel that you can leverage a large Twitter following through your humour, without it all being about you, then you may wish to consider playing a character instead. You can’t pretend to be another famous person, as per Twitter’s terms, but you can create a parody account. Better still, you can come up with a completely different social media character. As long as you remain consistent and come up with ways to make use of your newfound following, you shouldn’t have any issues with coming up with enough material to thrive.

8. Stay on Top of Current Topics

If you’ve ever told a well-aged joke and received little more than a roll of the eyes, you know how important it is to remain topical. In the world of Twitter, where everything moves at breakneck speed, this becomes even more critical. The day’s news is always a decent source of inspiration for commentary and satire too – something ridiculous happens somewhere every hour, and if you’re tuned in to Twitter anyway, you’re bound to find something to inspire you to make a joke.

9. Don’t Spend Entire Days on Twitter

You may want better outreach, or you may want to cultivate a reputation for being a bit of a funny person on your favourite social media platform. The fact is that just about everyone has something better to do than just sitting on Twitter all day, every day. People also get bored of others that attempt to be funny all the time. Give your jokes and witticisms time to breathe, and you’re far more likely to gain a fan rather than just a passing smirk.

10. You Can’t Please Everyone

There are people out there that have heard a lot of jokes, and it takes something special to make them laugh. Others sit on Twitter awaiting a reason to get offended. They’re not your ideal audience, but there’s nothing to say that they won’t come across your Tweets and not exactly want to engage. Even your established followers aren’t really paying attention, so don’t get hung up on retweets and engagement for every little thing you say.