10 Tips to Buy the Best New Bed
Sleep Soundly with the Perfect New Bed

A new bed is often a major purchase decision with plenty of thought going in before you take the plunge. It is no secret that good beds are not cheap, so it is often time well spent. However, if you have not purchased a bed in a while or are not particularly well-versed in what separates good beds from bad ones, then this is the feature for you. Here, we run through all the considerations that bed buyers should make before settling on a new addition to their home, ensuring that you get value for money and the kind of performance that suits your needs down to a tee.

1. Get an Appropriate Bed for the Room

The bed is going to be the most eye-catching feature of the room in which it is placed, so it not only needs to feel good and offer a good night’s sleep but look good too. Think about the room around it and visualise how it will look when in place – some bed retailers have even moved into augmented reality so you can place the bed in the room on your phone screen to eliminate any ambiguity. If you have relatively modern décor, then a hardwood four-poster bed probably isn’t the ideal choice. If the walls and furniture are neutral in colour, a fluorescent green headboard may not provide the eye-catching boost to the room that you may have hoped for.

2. Think about Space

Short of the bed breaking, people tend to stick with what they have until they move home. The bed is among the first considerations for a bedroom, for obvious reasons, but it should never be considered in a vacuum. Understand the available space and decide accordingly. You may love the luxurious idea of a king-size bed, but if getting that in the room leaves no room for wardrobes, it may not be the best idea.

3. Consider Getting it Into the Room

In many cases, your bed and the mattress will need to get upstairs, through doors and around corners, and this can affect the style you go for. A divan that splits in two is likely to be able to get just about anywhere, while a solid frame with built-in headboard and television may prove to be more difficult. It is important to look past the finished arrangement and consider the journey that needs to be taken to get there.

4. Mattresses Matter

Mattresses can get very expensive, but there are plenty of reasons not to go for the cheapest option. Your quality of sleep will have an impact on your waking life, from aches and pains to alertness and concentration. This makes a comfortable mattress essential. More expensive ones also last longer, and there are affordable types that go for over a decade without losing any substantial functionality. Savings you make today may be eaten up when the time comes for a replacement, so it is worth taking the time to find something comfortable and durable today and paying a little more for the privilege.

5. Try Different Retailers

Many different brands fall into the broad category of ‘bed retailer’, but they are not all created equally. Many factors play a part, such as whether they carry the products you have researched online, how long the warranty is, and how much they charge for delivery and installation. Even if you have a company in mind, it is worth seeing whether a competitor would be willing to beat their offer.

6. Try the Bed First

As more and more of our shopping habits revolve around buying online, it can be tempting to do the same for a bed. However, while online research is encouraged, the purchasing decision is an offline one. This is not like ordering clothes and returning the ones that don’t fit – you’re not having 5 beds delivered and installed and sending back the 4 you don’t like. It is imperative to get things right the first time, and testing beds out in-store is the best way to get things right.

7. Bring your Sleeping Partner Along

Some people are in the market for a bed for their personal use only, while others will have to consider their cohabitation arrangements when deciding. It would be unfair to focus only on your comfort and space, so if you choose to follow the tip above, you should always endeavour to bring whoever will be sharing the bed with you along.

8. Ask Questions In-Store

If you feel like you know relatively little about beds, you are not alone. Fortunately, retailers are staffed by people that are around these items every day and know their divans from their togs. Ultimately, they want to make a sale and will be happy to answer questions to make that possible. It can be worth asking about headboards, delivery and assembly, warranties and guarantees and mattress options after having a look around.

9. You Don’t have to Buy from where you do Your Research

Bed showrooms are perfect for trying beds and asking questions, but you do not necessarily need to buy there and then. The same bed with identical options is probably available elsewhere and often at a lower price. This is where online shopping comes in again, as these retailers do not have the overheads associated with massive bed showrooms. Offline retailers are not always more expensive but looking around for the best price is another crucial aspect of getting the best deal on a new bed.

10. Get the New Bed in and the Old Bed Out

A new bed can be an exciting milestone, but you should not lose sight of the logistics. Your old bed needs to make way for the new one, and you probably want to do little more than going to sleep on it when it arrives. Ensure that this is all in place and any costs paid well in advance for a smooth transaction.