10 Tips to Decorate Your Apartment for Valentine’s Day
Love is in the Air - and in your Room

Valentine’s Day is one of those celebrations where it can make perfect sense to spice up the décor, even if only for a day or two. Indeed, the fact that the day is the centrepiece means that most people prefer not to go to too much expense or effort. This isn’t Christmas, after all, and you’re unlikely to get a whole month of mileage out of your decorative decisions.

Nevertheless, if you want to set the mood or simply celebrate your love, some great decorative tweaks don’t have to break the bank and will make a real difference on the day.

1. Use Words and Sentiments as part of the Decoration

We feel that it is fair to assume that if you’re decorating your space for Valentine’s Day, you’re doing so to express your feelings in a way and there are few cheaper, quicker and easier ways to do that than to put those feelings down in words. You could conventionally write letters and poems and place them around your home, or you could potentially get more creative with signs and banners. Perhaps the best part of this of all is that these items are unique and come from the heart, so they are likely to make more of a difference than something bought from the store.

2. Try some Different Lighting

You might not want to go to the extent of changing bulbs or adding new lights into the home for what is effectively just a single day, but if you have the option to change the lighting without much effort, it can make a worthwhile difference. Smart bulbs are ideal for this, especially if you have the colour versions, as you can make the room any colour you like – and red obviously works well, as we discuss below.

3. Use Candles to Set the Mood

The suggestion to use candles to set a tone as part of your upgraded décor is nothing groundbreaking, and the chances are that you’ll have been expecting it coming into this feature. Nevertheless, their importance cannot be understated if you have an appropriate mood in mind. They also serve up the opportunity to play around with different scents to get you in the mood if you so choose as scented candles that smell like just about anything are never hard to find.

4. Get the Music Right

We’re going for more of an ambience than simply an appearance as part of this feature, so you should think about what you can hear as well as what you can see for the complete overhaul of a room. We won’t go on about our own suggestions for Valentine’s music as you probably have some romantic favourites in mind already. Naturally, it helps if you can set up a playlist that works for everyone – in some cases that will be you and your partner, but if you’ve decided to hold a party to mark the event, you don’t want to get too mushy and need to take care to keep the vibe going too.

5. Make Nature a Part of the Decoration

There are some flowers and plants that are perfectly suited to this day. Roses immediately spring to mind, and you can extend their usefulness by utilising them as a centrepiece of sorts for any other decorations you decide to put up. It is a good idea not to get too hung up on the ‘love’ theme as most plants and flowers can brighten a room and tie a theme together, especially in rooms that generally eschew anything of the sort.

6. If You’re Stuck for Colours, Go with Red

Once again, we are not exactly breaking new ground with this suggestion, but if you’re having trouble envisioning a transformed room for the day, you cannot go wrong with red on this of all days. The chances are that you’d prefer to avoid being tacky and so you might want to slow down on the hearts and other emblems, but you really cannot go wrong with red, and if only you and your partner will see your decorative choices, there are few better times of year to get a bit cheesy!

7. Add Themed Objects

We mentioned that we don’t want to break the bank for such a short celebration, but you might want to consider a few themed additions that you can bring out again for many years to come. A quick and easy way to boost the décor of any room for Valentine’s Day is to use heart-shaped pillows and cushions in any room where there’s a sofa or a bed. They’ll look out of place on any day but this one, but that doesn’t matter as they’re easily stored away until they are needed once again.

8. Experiment in Different Rooms

The living room and bedroom are the first that come to mind when decorating for Valentine’s Day, but other rooms can be just as appropriate. If you plan to bring your partner breakfast in bed, then consider a themed breakfast set for the occasion. If you’re cooking a meal, make the dining room feel more romantic with a new table cloth or seat covers. There’s something for every room out there; it is just down to you to decide what to use and where to get it.

9. Put Up some Temporary Pictures

Pictures and artwork can transform a room, whether they are new additions or temporary replacements. If you have frames around the room already, consider switching the pictures out for some of you and your partner, or even generic Valentine-themed images.

10. Don’t Be Afraid to be Unique

At the end of the day, the chances are that your decorative aspirations are based on celebrating the relationship between you and your partner. While conventional and traditional, this doesn’t mean that it needs to be all about hearts and flowers. If you have unique personal tastes and styles, feel free to integrate them into your ideas as making the day special for you is what really matters.