10 Tips to Find the Best Bargains on Daily Deal Sites
Bag a Bargain with Daily Deals

Daily deal sites may not be the massive online phenomenon that they once were any more, but most people’s inboxes will verify that the likes of Groupon, along with more localised alternatives, are still going strong. We have no problem with that, as these sites can be the source of fantastic value, tailored to your local area. They are mostly great deals already, but they always have the potential to be even better, and we have everything you need to know about seeking out the cream of the crop on these sites throughout our 10 tips below.

1. Search Out Further Discounts

The idea of these deal websites is to bring together different products and services and sell them for prices that beat out what people would pay if going direct. Savvy shoppers are already in the habit of finding discount codes and cashback offers for online purchases, and it makes sense to do the same for the sites themselves. Groupon is one example of a site in this category that does its own discount codes, enabling users to get a significant percentage off the already reduced price.

2. Cast Your Search Net Wide

With great prices to be had, it is potentially worth the extra travel to find the best deals. Many of these sites send out daily emails with a slant towards your local area and, in fairness, most residential areas have plenty to choose from. However, vendors and service providers have control over how much they charge, and the best options might be slightly further afield – and such good value that travel time and cost still sees you come out ahead.

3. Don’t Hesitate Too Much

With so much information out there, it can be tempting to pore over the finer details of any potential purchase. We have nothing against doing your due diligence, but it is not always appropriate for daily deals. For starters, these promotions are often time-limited, and you do not want to miss out on a potential saving. Secondly, you are entitled to a refund for any reason within a certain period. Failing that, discount codes and vouchers can generally be sold on using appropriate marketplaces if you decide that you did not want them after all.

4. Dig Deep into the Product Offering

If you have been routinely ignoring the numerous emails from your deal site of choice for years, then you may remember them as places to get a cheap spa day or meal at a local restaurant. This is how these businesses are built but represent only a small section of the product offering today. Indeed, unless you have your eyes on something particularly unique, the deal sites are worth stopping by as there is a chance that they will have exactly what you are looking for at a steep discount.

5. Use Daily Deals as a Starting Point

We have all had days where we have woken up, decided that we want to do something new or different, but had no idea of exactly what. You may be tempted to go to an events website or check that section of your Facebook feed. However, daily deal sites may be an excellent starting point. The listings will be limited to those with discounts, but there is a great chance of finding something to do, and you’ll probably have got in cheaper than half the people there.

6. Let Your Deal Site of Choice Learn

As far as the sites are concerned, the more deals you buy, the better. After all, they get paid a commission and need to do none of the actual service or product provision. To achieve this, all the major sites attempt to learn about your likes and dislikes to ensure that they are putting potential sales right in front of you. You may be against this kind of automated learning on some level, which is fine. If not, this helps you out as you never know when something might pop up that meets a need you did not even know you had.

7. Use a Mix of Desktop and Mobile

When casually browsing, you probably prefer to use your favourite deals site on a desktop or laptop. The bigger screen and finer controls make it much easier to sift through dozens of offers. Mobile apps have a place too, however, especially if you enable location features. This way, your available offers will update as you move and there is every chance of finding something tempting within walking distance, wherever you are.

8. Consider Engaging on Social Media

With the number of emails these daily deal sites send each day, you would think that they did not have any more to say. However, the biggest names are prolific on social media too, and if you want the full experience, they are always worth a follow. This way, you will receive a constant feed of new promotions as they become available – and before they sell out – while not missing out on the big social media-only deals.

9. Don’t Underestimate Added Value

Even the biggest players appreciate that they have competitors, and it is in their interests to be your daily deal website of choice. Loyalty leads to rewards, and that means even better value for regular shoppers. It could be straight loyalty points, discounts on your next purchase or further discounts through a combination of multiple deals. If you are on one of these sites, value is a priority, and every opportunity should be taken.

10. Special Events make for Deeper Discounts

The likes of Groupon may have carved out their niche, but they remain shopping sites at the end of the day, and they seek to capitalise on seasonal times where people are in the mood for buying. Expect bigger and better deals around Black Friday, the run-up to holidays and at the end of retail seasons and take advantage.