10 Tips to Grow your YouTube Channel
More Views Means More Exposure

Video content has exploded in popularity and whether your entire business revolves around content creation, or you use it to complement other products and services, the chances are that you want to get your videos in front of as many people as possible. There are various ways to host and share videos, such as on Facebook, Twitter and even your own website. However, if you want to be in the right place for an active audience that is already prepared to watch videos to find out information, then you have to have a presence on YouTube too.

It tends to be easier to retain viewers than to attract new ones, and so the concept of a channel is relevant to anyone that plans to make more than one video. That captive audience will be notified that a new video is available, and you can use this for some quick views, which will then increase the visibility of the video among new potential viewers. For the most part, bigger is better, and in this feature, we are going to focus on how to grow your channel for more visibility, sales or whatever else you seek to achieve through video creation.

1. Focus on a Single Topic in a Video

If you want more viewers to a video, you need to provide something of value and need to consider whether an entire video is worthwhile. Anything too short may be more suitable for a blog post or email, so think about whether your main topic will be good for a few minutes of content. Not only does the video stand a better chance of addressing the topic that the user was looking for in the first place, but it will also rank better in searches both on YouTube and elsewhere.

2. Revisit and Repurpose Existing Content

If you run a blog or other form of content that involves anything other than video, there is no harm in drawing inspiration from topics that you have covered in the past. If a particular blog post has performed well for you, the chances are that there is interest in the subject matter. Converting those words and images into a video can open up a whole new audience, getting your brand out there and solving problems for people so that they come back for more.

3. Remember the Audience

It can be tempting to make a video with your own goals in mind, and they will definitely play a part. However, a video is nothing without its audience, and it is essential to remember to engage. Responding to comments on your videos will not only engage the audience but also increase your value in the eyes of YouTube itself, which will be more likely to rank your content well.

4. Remember Branding

Even if someone only ever watches a single video from you, it is vital that they leave with your brand at the forefront of their thoughts. Take the time to brand the channel pages as well as the videos, and take the opportunity to give an insight into what your brand is all about without being too specific.

5. Promote your Videos Elsewhere

If you are using YouTube, there is a good chance you use other social media, have a website and potentially even have a mailing list. If you are producing quality content, you should be proud enough to share it, and getting the word out through other channels will increase views and promote interaction with new and existing customers.

6. Be the Face

For content creators, they generally are the brand, and they will make an appearance in every video. For businesses, this is not necessarily the case, but not doing so counts as a missed opportunity. Putting a face to the company, whether that is the owner or an employee, adds a personal touch to your content that is likely to drive further engagement and retention.

7. Use Effective Thumbnails

YouTube is an inherently visual medium, and so it makes sense to look good wherever you appear. Some potential viewers will put more stock in the thumbnail image than the title itself, so it is important to catch the eye. YouTube videos not only appear in searches on the site, but also in Google results, so any tool that can increase click-throughs is one that is not to be ignored.

8. Make Use of Cards in Videos

Cards are clickable links within videos that will take users to specified links or other videos that the uploader has chosen. They are extremely useful and commonly found at the end of the videos. However, it is worth looking back on past performance. If there is a video that does well but loses viewers part way through, this is the ideal opportunity to direct your viewers elsewhere and retain their attention for a little longer.

9. Be Clear about Gaining Subscriptions

There is a balance to be struck between asking viewers to subscribe to the channel and sounding desperate, but it is worth doing. Only a small proportion of your viewers will be familiar with the backend of YouTube and may underestimate how much value there is in gaining a new subscriber. For them, it is only a click or tap, and they will be happy to do it if prompted. Even if they never become a paying customer, more subscribers improve the value of the channel to YouTube and sponsors, while adding credibility among new viewers.

10. Upload More

This sounds simple, but we have intentionally left it open-ended. No matter how regularly you upload currently, add more. More videos mean more content for existing subscribers, and more keywords and solved problems for new viewers to find you with. Once you are settled into the new schedule, keep it consistent, so viewers know when to expect something new. This aids in relationship building and does plenty of work in keeping you relevant in the future.