10 Tips to Increase the Appeal of Your Home to Buyers
Make Your Home a Must-Buy

When not necessarily looking to sell your home, you will have made changes to the look and feel to ensure that it perfectly suits your own tastes and can do everything that you want it to. However, our readers will have seen on television how rental properties are often dumbed down to appeal to the lowest common denominator, and a similar approach applies to anyone seeking to sell their home. A blank canvas that can be improved upon is likely superior to a specialised home environment when seeking to sell a property.

Here, we look at 10 relatively easy tips for sprucing up the home prior to viewings to attract as much attention as possible. There are plenty of more extravagant adjustments that can be made, but we wish to focus on the relatively low-cost options that are suitable for all homeowners seeking to drum up interest in their property.

1. Make a Great First Impression

It is true what they say about first impressions, and we have known cases in the past of prospective viewers cancelling their appointments before even making it through the door due to not liking the look of the property. The front door should be the focus, and this could involve replacing the door completely, changing doorknobs and panels, adding new house numbers or simply giving the current door a new finish with wood stains or paint.

2. Get the Paint Out

If you do decide to paint the front door, that sets you in good stead for improving the rest of the house. This is quick, simple and relatively cheap in any room, but adds a distinctive modern, fresh appeal while covering scuffs and marks that may have appeared over time.

3. Kitchens and Bathrooms are Key

While most people spend relatively little time in the kitchen and bathroom, these rooms go through a lot and can be a deal breaker for prospective buyers. The natural wear and tear on fixtures and fittings can be addressed through replacement, but often something as simple as a good clean can impress. Even subconsciously, buyers expect these areas to be clean and fresh, and ensuring that this is the case can be massively helpful in making a sale.

4. Improve Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a major consideration among prospective buyers, as they weigh up not only the cost of buying the property, but the costs of keeping it running. Something as simple as updating the insulation in the loft can lead to a genuine reduction in heating costs, and while the current owner will not be there to reap the benefits, they will instead come out ahead simply by making their property far more attractive to new owners.

5. Make Space

If you have ever cleared out a room in your home, you will be well aware that the room itself not only feels emptier, but also larger. Prospective buyers seek as much space as possible when assessing their purchase options, and even giving the illusion of more space will increase the home’s perceived value.

6. Let the Light In

A regular tip from the professionals is to make a home feel as light as possible, at least during the viewing. We are not suggesting that sellers go out of their way to install more windows but carrying out viewings during the daytime and ensuring that nothing is blocking natural light sources will make the home look as good as possible.

7. Do Some DIY

For those that are capable of even the most minor DIY tasks, a few hours spent sprucing up areas that have fallen into slight disrepair can make all the difference. To anyone viewing the home, even the slightest bit of damage or decay builds up a list of tasks that they will need to address, and if it gets too long, many will decide that it is not worth it. Fixing a leaking tap or filling a hole removes one such barrier with the benefits vastly outweighing the effort put in.

8. Tidy Up the Driveway

While we have considered the front door as being the part of the home to make the first impression, the driveway will have an impact too. Buyers want somewhere safe to store their car and it never hurts to look nice too. A full driveway replacement is outside the scope of these tips but filling cracks or even decorating the space with stones or outdoor ornaments can add a dash of luxury to what is generally only a functional space.

9. Tidy Up the Garden

A great garden can sell a home, regardless of the house itself. Prospective buyers have a habit of considering the garden as being a separate entity to the main house, and even if the building does not quite do it for them, there is every chance that the garden might. At the very least, lawns should be kept short and presentable and there should never be any waste on display. Taking things further, adding plants and decoration will give the garden a homely feel that is bound to catch the eye.

10. Utilise Garages, Sheds and Other Outbuildings

Unless these external buildings have been converted for a specific purpose, such as a home office, they are used exclusively for storage. More storage space is always better than less, and these larger spaces can be the icing on the cake for a prospective buyer. It is important to remember that they are visualising the space to store their own property rather than yours, so tidiness and emphasis on available space are key. Drawing attention to valuable additions, such as lighting and storage racks, will stand even more chance of leaving a lasting impression.