10 Tips to Look Slimmer in Jeans
Use Jeans to Complete Your Slim Look

No matter your style or fashion sense, the chances are you own at least one pair of jeans. They’re the very definition of smart casual and look good in just about any setting. However, so ubiquitous is this particular style of trouser that there are plenty of choices out there. Some are more flattering than others and if you want to give off more of a message, there’s a lot you can do by changing into a different pair. Try these tips to find the perfect pair that’s bound to work for you if you’d like to look slimmer.

1. Try a Higher Waist than Normal

It wasn’t all that long ago that high-waisted jeans were all the rage, and everyone that could get them to work with their figure was wearing them. They’re not as easy to come by today – jean styles go in and out of fashion just like any other item of clothing – but you can get them if you want them, and the style is as slimming as ever.

The visual impact stems from the fact that these jeans are tight on the waist rather than sitting on the hips. They hold the waist in a bit if you need them to, and the fact that they’re longer than normal makes your torso appear longer. Between them, that all adds up to you appearing slimmer than ever before.

2. Make Some Room in the Wardrobe for Heels

Some women don’t like to wear heels and, unless you’re an experienced veteran of them, the discomfort might not be worth it. However, if you’re happy to wear them, heels in all sorts of colours go perfectly well with jeans, and they’ll come with the additional benefit of contributing to your efforts to appear slimmer. Just as high-waisted jeans can make your torso appear longer, heels will do the same, and also to your legs. This double-whammy makes for an impressive effect that can quickly change your appearance for the better.

3. Go with Stretchy Jeans

The stretchy fabric of the right pair of jeans will ensure that they stick to your body like nothing else, and all without the inherent discomfort of skinny jeans. You don’t even necessarily need to go with specifically stretchy fabric in your jeans. It can be just as worthwhile to avoid any stiff fabrics as they are directly opposed to what we’re trying to achieve. Essentially, anything with a snug fit will be more than enough to achieve the results you seek.

4. Never Forget the Benefits of Black

Black is a truly slimming colour as we all know, and we’re fortunate in that it goes with anything – including jeans. A black top will make your upper body appear longer and slimmer, or you could go the whole hog and get some black jeans – in conjunction with all the other tips on this page, of course. A pair like this will make the upper part of your body appear shorter which, in turn, shifts the focus to your legs, enabling them to look longer and your overall appearance to be much slimmer.

5. Go Shorter than Normal

You might also want to consider looking into ankle jeans. These jeans are shorter than normal and show off your ankles. They’re not ideal for colder weather, as you don’t want to wear socks with them for obvious reasons! Nevertheless, weather permitting, ankle jeans can also help to make your legs appear longer which, as we’ve learned already, is a crucial aspect of making you look slimmer overall.

6. Wear a Longer Jacket

Long jackets are another great way to make you appear taller and if you look taller than you really are, there’s every chance you’ll look slimmer too. You have to be careful here, as you don’t want to end up looking like a private detective with your long jacket. Nevertheless, it can be a perfect addition, especially if you keep colours and accessories at the forefront of your thinking.

7. Show Off Your Tummy

Even those with perfectly flat tummies may like to appear slimmer on the occasion, and a well-toned belly can be just what you need. A short top that exposes the midriff creates the right kind of separation to make the entire ensemble appear longer and less compact. This is a great look when combined with the high-waisted jeans we spoke about previously, but that’s not the only way to pull it off, especially if your short top of choice is also quite baggy.

8. Experiment with Fades

Like most styles, faded jeans come in and out of style, but they’re never impossible to find. This is one tip where we can’t make the same recommendations for everyone. Jeans that are faded all over often look terrible, and you need to decide where suits best. There’s no single answer – it depends on your shape and the rest of your outfit. Go and try some jeans on in the store, and wear a top and footwear that you could see yourself wearing with the pair you choose.

9. Wear Slim Belts

Jeans were practically invented with belts in mind and while they’re not essential, they can finish off your look with more than just accessorising in mind. The key here is not to go for anything too chunky. Don’t feel like your belt needs to completely fill the loops on your jeans. Something small and slim will lead to the same effect on your overall appearance.

10. Try Double Denim if Fashion Allows

Once again, we have a trend that comes and goes, but if it’s even remotely in fashion, consider wearing denim on the top and bottom. Ideally, they need to be the same colour and shade for the effect to work, as the idea is to transform your overall look into a single piece. With no gaps to indicate otherwise, the positive impact on how you look can really help to get your message across and for you to look fantastic.