10 Tips to Make Your Gig Stand Out on Fiverr
Sell More Gigs with Our 10 Tips

Let’s be honest and say that you’re probably not going to make a comfortable living om Fiverr in the early days. We’ve looked around lately and seen many tales of people waiting months for their first sale – although they regularly snowball from there and turn it into a viable income stream.

What some people don’t know, especially if they’ve used Fiverr in the past but have found themselves moving away from the platform, is that the initial concept has evolved. You no longer need to do each job for a ‘Fiverr’. Indeed, you can charge what you like. Rather than a gimmick, the site has turned into something akin to Etsy or eBay for the gig economy.

There’s money to be made, but competition is fierce, and you need to ensure that your gig stands out. If you’re good at what you do, that shouldn’t be outside the realms of possibility, and these 10 tips are sure to get your gig seen and responded to.

1. Put a Different Spin on Your Service

You may be a writer, designer, artist or anything else for which Fiverr is a suitable sales platform. However, you’re one of many. Think about whether there’s something you can do with your skills that relatively few others can offer. Rather than advertising a gig as a graphic designer, set up a gig to draw something specific – characters from a show, flags or anything else that comes to mind. Overall, the easier you are to find for a particular job, the more orders you’ll receive.

2. Ensure Even the Basic Package Exudes Quality

Each gig gives sellers the opportunity to set up three tiers of services. It can be tempting to cheap out on the basic package to encourage higher-tier orders. However, the basic package is what your visitors see first. If that doesn’t hook them, you may not get the chance to upsell them.

3. Don’t Skimp on the Extras

If you can hook your viewer with the basic package and make them feel like they’re getting great value for money, they’ll be more inclined to spend more as it will feel ‘cheap’ to them. That means taking the time to include additional features on your gig so they can customise their order to their liking, bumping up the price in the process. Use as many of the default options as are relevant, and don’t be afraid to add anything that comes to mind – they are optional after all.

4. Always Ask for Feedback – As Long as You Expect it to be Good!

We mentioned how it’s challenging to make a splash early on with Fiverr and how it can take months to receive your first order. That’s because you don’t have a track record, and this is a platform that thrives on reviews and genuine experience. Once you do receive an order, do a good job and then ensure that you ask for feedback. Even a single five-star review will boost your orders, as potential buyers will see the rating before they see the number of reviews.

5. Don’t Ignore Fiverr’s Title Guidelines

You’ll find while you create your gig that you can use a certain amount of characters in your title. However, once you get past a certain point, the website warns you to make it shorter. Fiverr knows its platform better than anyone else, so when they say that you should do something for a better gig, it’s best to do it! After all, the more gigs you do, the more commission they make.

6. Cram as Much into Your Description as Possible

You can probably fit around 200 words into your description based on the allowed characters. That’s not a lot of room if you’ve got plenty to say, and even less if you want to answer questions before they’re asked. However, that should be your goal. In most cases, buyers with a question will move on to the next gig rather than ask it and wait around for a response. That means getting things done in the description and setting out exactly what you can do for them, thereby leaving no doubt in their minds.

7. Make Use of the FAQ Section

Your description’s length may be limited, but you can add as many FAQ answers as you like. That’s not an excuse to go wild, as we don’t want prospective clients to be overwhelmed. However, if something is missing from your description that suits the question and answer format, ensure you do what you can to keep the client informed.

8. Get the Word Out

One of the main benefits of selling on Fiverr is the sheer number of people that browse the platform to get things done – generally many more than your own website and social channels. However, you can package your gig into a single URL and place it wherever you like. Share it with your friends, put it on social media and get creative. Remember, just one positive review can get the ball rolling, so it’s worth going out of your way to get it and to then build from there.

9. Test What Works and be Ready to Change

If you’re already facing the problem of lacking orders after a few months on the site, it may be worth changing things up. If your services are worth buying, someone will want it, and it’s all about luring them in. Cut your price, consider even raising it for a premium service, rewrite your description, change your image or add a video. Eventually, you’ll find something that works and can proceed to use it on each gig going forward.

10. Add More Gigs

The big downside of Fiverr is the space limitation. Can you really sell yourself in so few characters? If not, consider creating separate gigs. You’ll show up in more searches, especially for specific terms, and reel in an audience that knows what it wants. You can also combine this tip with the previous one and experiment until you find something that sticks. Remember, every good piece of feedback reflects across all your gigs, so the time investment can be worth it.