10 Tips to Supercharge Your Job Search
Find the Right Job the Right Way

Hunting for a new job can be tricky to navigate and potentially something that can alter your mood. There are thrills and inspiration, but disappointment and difficulties along the way. Ideally, it’s never something you want to do for too long. Even if you’re not in any kind of hurry and you’re happy to wait it out until the perfect job comes along, there can be times when you feel like you want some kind of reward for all the hard work you put in. As with anything, you’ll often come out ahead if you decide to work smarter rather than harder, and we’ve compiled these 10 tips to enable you to supercharge your job search like never before.

1. There’s More to Job Hunting than Classified Ads

When someone decides to seek out a new job, they often immediately turn to the classified pages – either in their local paper or online. It does work, depending on what kind of job you seek and the skills you have. However, there’s more to a successful job search than browsing the classifieds each day. No matter what has worked for you in the past, it’s always a good idea to expand your horizons, so the first tip boils down to not stopping what you’re doing, but being willing to think about alternative options as you never know where the perfect job might hide.

2. Find Where Your Industry Hires and Search There

You don’t need to do anything more than type ‘jobs’ into your search engine of choice to see that there are thousands of different places to look. Hiring managers are just as keen to find what they want as you are, and an increasing number choose to advertise where they feel their ideal candidate will be. Find specialist job boards that suit your skills, and you’re more likely to find the kinds of jobs that truly appeal.

3. Make a List of Companies You’d Like to Work For

You need to be very fortunate to stumble across the perfect job right away, and it can make sense to adopt a more holistic approach. Rather than generally seeking out jobs that make the most sense for your needs, start with the end result and work backwards. Many companies post vacancies in numerous places, but start with their own websites – it only takes a few minutes to update a careers page. Make a habit of checking those pages regularly alongside your other job search efforts.

4. Revisit Your Resumé

The chances are your resumé is the same today as it was on the day you got your last job. Naturally, one of the first things you can do is to add what you learned in that most recent role, but you should also consider any other improvements you can make. This could involve making it shorter or longer, cutting out irrelevant skills and qualifications and giving it the once over to ensure that there are no errors.

5. Build Relationships

Once you’ve decided on the kind of role you’d like to undertake, it’s worth seeing whether you can form relationships with key people – even if they’re not hiring right away. Networking is easier than ever in the internet age, and you should encourage contacts to keep your information on file when you submit an application, and see whether you can connect with them on LinkedIn and other appropriate platforms.

6. Leave Your Comfort Zone

You may have mastered the art of finding the right jobs and getting a high-quality application in. However, if that doesn’t yield the kind of results you seek, it’s time to go to another level. The chances are you’re not going to get anywhere by physically visiting companies to encourage them to hire you, but you might have great success with networking events. Even if you don’t have anything more than your employability skills to sell, it’s worth meeting people and making an impression.

7. Work on Yourself

If you’ve reached a level where you go for jobs where you’re more than just a cog in a machine, it’s crucial not to understate the importance of making the right impression. Few quality employers hire based on skills alone, and they’re more interested in the person behind the qualifications. Work on your people skills and practice how to put across what makes you right for any job you go for. Above all else, don’t be robotic in any professional setting, from interviews to networking and anything else your job search may entail.

8. Learn to Spot Timewasters

We already mentioned the importance of working smarter rather than harder in your job search. This is work, when it all comes down to it, and unpaid work at that. Therefore, the less time you spend on it, the more effective you can be. One of the best things to focus on is the elimination of timewasters. If a job sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If it comes through an agency, it’s likely more an effort to get you onto their books than a specific role. This comes with time and practice, and is a worthy investment.

9. Give Your Online Footprint the Once Over

Some consider it unethical and there are even rumblings in some parts of the world to make it illegal, but the fact is that employers will Google you if they have any interest in you. That can bring up all sorts of information, so it’s best to take control sooner rather than later. Check old blogs and Tweets as a priority, and clean up anything else you feel may not benefit you as a candidate.

10. If All Else Fails, Try Something Creative

Hopefully, the previous tips are all it takes to get you rolling and into the job of your dreams. If not, it may be worth trying something nobody has tried before. Rather than provide examples here, we’d suggest searching ‘unique job applications’ for inspiration – although it’s best to change things up there as well!