10 Tips to Use Feng Shui at Home to Boost Wealth
Boost Your Wealth with Ancient Techniques

Feng shui has formed a part of popular culture for a long time, although it was obviously popular in its home region for centuries beforehand. We will admit that not everyone is a believer, but you do not need to look too far for impressive stories of excellent results.

Different people utilise the teachings and techniques for all sorts of reasons, but it is unsurprising that the majority first get into feng shui with boosting their wealth in mind. There are various things that you can potentially do in your home to achieve the results you require and even if you’re not convinced, you’ll often have a tidier, better-flowing home that will definitely be worth the effort!

1. Utilise Clear, Open Spaces to Allow the Chi to Flow

If you’re a fan of reality television, precisely the kinds of shows that offer an insight into how wealthy people live, you’ll notice that they tend to have plenty of open space in their home. Sure, it is not exactly difficult to open up space when your home is massive, but they’re not exactly short of cash to fill those spaces should they so choose.

For those that utilise feng shui, it is all about ensuring that as few earthly possessions as possible get in the way of the flow of chi. The belief is that the more open space there is, the more room there is for new energy to enter the home.

2. Focus on Organisation

Following on from the first tip, we would be the first to admit that it is not practical to seek to empty out your home completely. Everyone needs a few essentials, and some of our readers undoubtedly qualify as hoarders. Nevertheless, whatever you do end up keeping in your home should be kept tidy and organised. This also aids in the energy flow throughout the house but is also extremely handy to give yourself more time. ‘Time is money’ may not be a feng shui adage specifically, but the less time you spend searching for things, the more time you have to be productive.

Those that are only slightly familiar with feng shui tend to assume that the practice is all about the position of furniture and the directions in which it faces. However, colours matter too. When we think of money, we think of green, but the practice instead recommends gold as the primary wealth colour – perhaps fittingly given its age and history. The designers in us say not to go overboard, and never bring something into the home for the sake of it. It is easy to get tacky with gold decorative items, so only go with things that you would like to have in the home anyway.

4. Create a Wealth Area

Feng shui dictates that if you have something specific in mind, you should dedicate a particular space in your home to its achievement. This does not have to be an ample space – you certainly won’t have to dedicate an entire room to it – but you should devote an item and some space around it as your wealth area. Fill the area with wealth items like jewellery and other valuable objects, and consider it the focal point of your wealth accumulation. Naturally, you’ll want to maintain other concepts of feng shui in your design, so feel free to include crystals and plants to focus the energy truly.

5. Boost the Natural Feel

Feng shui is closely tied to nature, and if you’re the kind of person that believes that plants and wood are for outside only, it might be time to change that. Money plants and bamboo are the obvious choices, but much of nature is considered abundant and wealthy in the teachings, so you can often use anything that suits your tastes and style, as long as you stick with the underlying principles.

6. Attempt to Add Flowing Water

Water is a crucial component of feng shui, especially when flowing. Unless you’re happy to leave the tap running around the clock, it can be challenging to implement this indoors, but if you have the option to add a fountain or water feature, it stands every chance of boosting your wealth accumulation.

7. Liberally Spread Crystals Throughout the Home

Crystals and precious stones are closely linked to the practice of feng shui, and there are few more straightforward ways to introduce the concept into your home. If you’re reading this feature, you have wealth in mind, and some stones work better than others. Crystal quartz is a great all-rounder regardless of the goal, and if you’re looking to build up your finances then you can also consider amethyst, citrine and pyrite.

8. Place Relevant Images Throughout the Home

Imagery is always powerful, and we are particularly fond of this tip as we often mention the use of artwork and other additions as part of the interior design features at 10 Tips. Those that you choose should align with your focus – in this case money – and they can be a great way to replace some of the above tips that might be inappropriate for your home, such as rushing water.

9. Use Mirrors to Keep the Energy Moving

Like art, we love mirrors as part of general design, but they are a must when implementing feng shui in the home. You have all the scope in the world for shapes, sizes and designs as it is only the reflective property that is essential. If our tip concerning the use of gold in decoration has proven difficult, a mirror’s frame or design can present the perfect opportunity to introduce the colour into your décor in a tasteful manner.

10. Look Into Dedicated Feng Shui Wealth Items

You can achieve reliable feng shui results throughout your home with everyday objects, but you may prefer to go down the dedicated route. Perhaps the most famous example of all is the Laughing Buddha, which can be a fun addition to your standard decoration. Feng shui also incorporates money frogs, Chinese coins and various other items that all serve the same purpose.